ZON - Astral Projector & Back Down To Earth (2 CDs)

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This is a promo copy and has a slight blackin smear on the cover. I mention this last bit because it's a extremely rare Canadian AOR, especially this 2-CD version(which is a promo). Deluxe packaging. AOR fans are some of the most passionate collectors and this $105 price tag on only one available copy shows this.


But, as I keep saying, I'm not an Ebay guy. So pick ths up, re-sell it and pocket an extra $75.

Classic late 70's Pomp ala Styx, Roadmaster, Trillion etc. The debut is the slightly more pompy of the 2 and contains the classic title track and the brilliant 'Put On The Show'. The second disc is slightly more commercial with hints of Boston and the mighty Airborne in places but with equally good songs 'Circus' and 'Gods And Kings' being good examples. A great remastering job on both, aswell as excellent packaging, make these reissues essential.