WORLD PARTY - Dumbing Up (w/ DVD)

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this includes a DVD containing over two hours' worth of material, mostly videos made for songs from all the studio albums, 1987 up through 2000. I suppose the "true" fan who kept up to date by getting this CD on import would have appreciated the DVD being sold separately, but for me, it's a 2-for-1 deal that's quite welcome.

The only problem with World Party's music is the leisurely pace at which new material emerges. I have read all of the previous reviews of Dumbing Up, and here is my take.
First, I agree that the single Here Comes the Future does not mesh with the rest of the tracks. All of the World Party CDs after Private Revolution have a track or two that heads into Motown/soul/Prince territory with the falsetto singing. Those are not necessarily the tracks that I hit repeat on either.
But downgrading this CD because it does not measure up to the classic Private Revolution or Goodbye Jumbo is just crazy. What other artists out there are making music this good in the pop genre? I listen to tons of music, World Party has few equals.
Just for the record, on Dumbing Up, there are three songs that are as good as anything World Party has done, and that's saying a lot in my book: What Does It Mean Now, the very prescient Who are You, and See the Light. The rest of the CD is merely terrific. Take it off your CD player for a month or so (I did too), then put it back on after you're done with Radiohead and Verve Pipe and Starsailor and whoever else you are fancying these days. Five stars all the way.