WALTER CLEVENGER - The Man With The X-Ray Eyes

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Promo from 1997 and one of my favorite artists(and release) from the 90s power pop explosion years.

"4 stars. Clevenger serves up power-pop with a rootsy flavor on The Man With the X-ray Eyes; comparisons to Nick Lowe are not only obvious, but unavoidable -- "Yesterday's News Now" is a virtual rewrite of Lowe's "They Called It Rock," while tracks like "Angels," "Love You Like a King" and "Love (A Misunderstood Thing)" feel like nothing so much as Rockpile outtakes. Still, the album is largely successful; Clevenger is a fine songwriter with a knack for catchy hooks, and his affection for classic pop music is clearly genuine -- "Yesterday Come Back" is a jangly gem, while "My Little Girl" and "Lose My Mind" are excellent acoustic rockers complete with soaring Rubber Soul-era harmonies." AMG