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"What you get is the kind of jangly, good feeling music that has you cruising down the a long stretch of highway in your open top car watching the sun bouncing of the hood without a care in the world. You can never have too much of that kind of feeling. Conjuring images of Tom Petty, Steve Earle, REM and The Beatles, "Summershine" is 13 tracks which flow from reflective and minimalist to lush and joyful with no effort at all. But that's great songwriting for you...For longtime VOL fans it may be an adjustment to hear Bill Mallonee being so poppy, it was for me, but once you listen and read the lyrics you'll see familiar landmarks. "SOS", "Puttin out Fires", "Happy Being lonely . . ." and "Sailors" are just a few songs that call to mind themes that run throughout VOL's music. Always one to shine a light on the human experience with songs like "Blister Soul" and "Welcome to Struggleville", Mallonee continues to do so even on the Beatle-esque pop tune "Stand Beside Me". The pop nature of the songs on this album actually make it more important to pay attention to the lyrics, lest they be forgotten. It's interesting that for a poppy album such as Summerhsine, it ends with the somber tune "Sailors," which is similar in tone to "Judas Skin" from the 1997 release "Slow Dark train." But unlike "Slow Dark Train," the images on this album are flowers, sunshine and a "Green Summer Lawn" - a strong tune in its own right. What Summershine shows is that Mallonee is truly a gifted songwriter because he crafts 13 tunes in a style not normally his own that are genuinely top quality." - AMazon