V/A - The Most Amazing Collection of Power Pop CD-rs (20 CD-Rs) PART 1 of 2

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PART 1 of 2. (there's another one available of what is below but different offerings. Click HERE to view that)


Man, I had a lot of CDs! I keep finding lost and misplaced batches of awesomeness and here's another.

I had a larger set of these last month but I found another set of these very special collections. Actually, TWO. I ended up with a duplicate set of these 15 years ago.

Now, here's the story. About 15 years ago, I had a friend who was painstakingly was transferring vinyl to CD-r and he asked a bunch of friends, myself included, to send him parts of our vinyl collections to allow him to take out the pops 'n clicks and make really good sounding CD-rs from them AND add to them some really good looking art work. He called the series MFV - Mastered From Vinyl.

This package is....well, one of a kind, totally unique -- and not available anywhere. (well, there's 'two' of them so it's not exactly, literally 'one of a kind', but you get the idea...)

There's some amazing music in here. Just see this list below. There's a lot of 2-fer collections,as you'll see.

Most of the music here is late 70s/early 80s power pop and new wave See the list below for a full listing to digest and assess. These were albums that never were released on CD or digitally back when they were done and, mostly even today that is still this case as you read the list below.

I've taken a picture of two of the CD-rs here for you to see how the art work design looks on each one. Click on the image to expand the view BUT the ones you would receive are in BLACK and WHITE, not color.

These CD-Rs are NOT housed in jewel cases. They come inside of paper sleeves with the nicely designed art inside. I took these out of plastic many years ago to save space and it resulted in me mis-placing them for the last 10 years and now here they are.

This item is for a particular kind of music fan - probably one that grew up the 70s and was already a avid record buyer so some of these obscure names will connect or vaguely recollect for you. There was so much new wave, skinny tie and power pop that came out in the late 70s/early 80s - a lot of merely good acts and some no to good, imho. Some of of those are here for your ears but a whole lot are gonna be exciting to enjoy and many will bring new discoveries of artists you never heard or got around to hearing. If you are old and set in your ways w/ what and how you listen to music, I would say don't bother to read any further. If not, chew on the list below. :-)


THE RECORDS - Music from Both Sides

FOOLS FACE - Here to Observe & Tell America


DIRTY LOOKS - Dirty Looks

GREAT BUILDINGS - Great Building (back cover art missing)

THE KEYS - The Keys Album

SQUEEZE - at the BBC

THE DODGERS(post Badfinger) - Love on the Rebound

ROBERT JOHNSON - Close Personal Friend & The Memphis Demos

ROBIN LANE & THE CHARTBUSTERS - Robin Lane & the Chartbusters & Imitation Life

TOM DICKIE & THE DESIRES - Competition & The Eleventh Hour

DAVID WERNER - David Werner

HILLY MICHAELS - Calling All Girls & Lumia

THE SCOOTERS - Young Girls & Blue Eyes

SYLVAIN SYLVAIN - Sylvain Sylvain & Syl & the Teardrops

BRAM TCHAIKOVSKY - Classic Bram (21 track best of)

VANCE OR TOWERS- Vance or Towers (one of my all-time favorite albums that no one has ever heard)

THE SILENCERS - Rock 'n Roll Enforcers -& Romantic

THE CRYERS - The Cryers & Midnight Run

HOLLY & THE ITALIANS - Right to Be Italian & Holly & the Italians