V/A - SIX YEARS OF POWER POP - A Not Lame Anniversary CD

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Released in 2001 for its 6th anniversary - filled with unreleased, rare songs from Not Lame bands, including bands list. Near and dear to my heart. Selling regularly for $40 http://www.discogs.com/Various-Six-Years-Of-Power-Pop/release/5469443

FROM AMG: While label-tribute albums to themselves tend to be gratuitous "pat yourself on the back" endeavors, the Not Lame 6th Anniversary Compilation is surprisingly successful. The reasons why, however, are fairly obvious: Not Lame is both a boutique label (focusing on power pop, though they have a broader scope than that title would suggest) and an artist's label, encouraging bands to release albums the way they want to release them, with little label interference. And Not Lame mastermind Bruce Broedeen is in tune with what his fans want, which is why he signs only acts whom he feels are compatible with the roster. All of this amounts to why for Not Lame's first six years, they became a trusted source of guitar pop for fans and a place where music consumers would buy albums based on word of mouth alone. With their sixth anniversary compilation, Not Lame gathers mostly unreleased material from most of their biggest acts, from mini-stars like the Shazam and Myracle Brah to bands to whom they have given generous reissues, like the Posies and the Rubinoos. While some of these acts -- like the crazed country singer Terry Anderson or the plaintive Mark Helm -- may not have been considered power pop were it not for their association with Not Lame, their presence underscores how Not Lame has become a source to find all kinds of like-minded, if sonically different, underground rock & roll bands in one place. And since some of these acts have saved their best material for this compilation, it is an apt tribute to an independent record label that stands for all that's good in pop music and a fitting introduction to their catalog for a novice.



2 2:57

3 3:14

4 3:46

5 3:10

6 1:54

7 5:14

8 4:09

9 3:32

10 2:38

11 4:00

12 3:34

13 5:29

14 3:07

15 4:07

16 2:27

17 2:12

18 4:00

19 2:51