V/A - Pure Pop For Cool People (A Compilation Of Not Lame 1999 Releases)

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There are many very rare Not Lame label CDs in its over 120 CD releases. This one was unofficial promotional one. Only 250 were made up. I have NEVER offered this one for sale - ever. Until now. Found 3 of these earlier 2015. Just must have been set aside. If you collect, you gotta nail one of these, that simple as they just are not for sale anywhere.

It was a promotional sampler for record retailers and for a special offer that was made for a very short time in 1999. There's a GREAT hidden track at the end that any power pop fan is going to love.

Not Lame Recordings
1 The Rooks (3) A Wishing Well-(NL.048)
2 The Shazam God Speed The Shazam-(NL-052)
3 Michael Carpenter Baby-(NL-053)
4 Myracle Brah Plate Spinner-(NL-050)
5 Martin Luther Lennon Escape To Paradox Island-(NL-047)
6 Idle Jets Atomic Fireball-(NL-051)
7 Bobby Sutliff Bitter Fruit-(NL-049)
8 Ken Sharp Happy Accidents-(NL-054)
Not Lame Archives
9 Dwight Twilley Between The Cracks-(NLA-004)
10 The Rubinoos The Basement Tapes-(NLA-005)
Not Lame Limited
11 The Black Watch The King Of Good Intentions-(NLL-009)
12 The Rockinghams Makin' Bakon-(NLL-008)
13 Flamingo (10) Flamingo-(NLL-007)