V/A - Not Lame Label Bundle of 10 CDs (and download linkd to over 60 Not Lame label songs)

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10 CDs - PLUS over 60 digital songs from the Not Lame label for ONLY $34.97!

THEY ARE ALMOST ALL GONE. 17 years of labor and singular commitment to power pop.




Bsides all the CDs below being shipped to you, when you order, I will send you two different links that will allow you to download over 60 songs from the Not Lame label catalog. These are songs that are from CDs that are out of print and, in some cases, quite rare! Now, that's a MASSIVE GREAT VALUE!!

HERE IS SOME OF WHAT WILL RECEIVE IN YOUR NOT LAME LABEL BUNDLE, but there will be at least 10 CDs below in your box - if I find an extra CD that I can add in there, I WILL. :-)

Micheal Carpenter – Baby

Micheal CarpenterKingsRdWorks

Micheal CarpenterRolling Ball

The Supahip - Seize The World

The ScruffsSwingin’ Singles

Myracle Brah – Plate Spinner

The Rooks – From The Shelves Of Soundscape Studio

The Virginia Sisters -Last Pathetic Fool

Fresh Mowed Lawn – s/t


It all started in 1995. It ended in 2010. During Not Lame Recordings' time on this earth, it tried hard to get the very good word out on some of the best talent in power pop. There were over 100 CDs that came out on the label. Today, ALL OF THESE are long out of print. Some of these releases fetch over $200 on Amazon or Ebay. Many fetch close to $100 and just flat-out impossible to find. Drag! (There are a bunch of releases that only saw micro-pressings of 300 copies)

As mentioned above, ALL the CDs from the Not Lame label that you see on this site will be no longer available - I do not have the space to store them anymore and it's time to move on. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE. Only a year ago there were more than 50 of these releases left. Now, in December, 2014 there are now 10 left.


10 CD releases - AND - over 60 downloadable songs from the vast, large Not Lame catalog, including rare cuts from

Jellyfish, The Posies, Dwight Twilley, Tommy Keene, Blue Ash, Wanderlust, Hawks, Parthenon Huxley, Doug Powell, Wisely, The Shazam, Myracle Brah, Micheal Carpenter, The Rooks, Sun Sawed In 1/2, The Model Rockets, The Well Wishers, Starbelly

and many, many more and some wickedly rare ones.

If you total up these CDs and what they were selling on the Not Lame site when it closed back in November, 2010. So right here on this site, right now: you save over 80% - not including the 76 Bonus Songs!

That's pretty darn awesome, me thinks. You, too?

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: This will ship "Media Mail" to save you more money and packed carefully. Cost is $ 7 to ship.

NON-U.S. COUNTRIES: If you are out of the United States, the cost is $30.00. It's a long trip by plane to get this box of pop to you safely with 10 CDs and it's almost 3 pounds.

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