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LONG OUT OF PRINT - (since 2001)

Goes for almost $50 on most places.

Much like the three volumes before it, the fourth annual commemorative disc of the International Pop Overthrow festival contains a mixture of hits, album cuts, and rarities from some (though not all) of the bands that appeared at the festival. And like its predecessors, the fourth installment in the series is a bit uneven. But also like Vol. 3, it contains some very immediate guitar-based pop music from some of the most talented and underappreciated power pop groups in 2001. The biggest gems here are, of course, the unreleased tracks from more familiar names: Brendan Benson's "Folk Singer" appeared here months before official release; Swirl 360 contributes "Lost You," their first new track since their debut; and the Andersons include the hard-rocking "Listening Station," a song not included on either of their first two albums. More highlights come courtesy of the Masticators' "This Time Right Now," a slice of gooey girl group pop; the Davenports' smirking piano pop ditty "Hi-Tech Lowlife"; and the Scooters' new "Do Whatever." And the previously released album tracks from the likes of Einstein's Sister, Cliff Hillis, and Sparkle Jets U.K. are examples of some of the best power pop offerings of the year. But the highlight on the sprawling, two-disc set is "Boycott," an anthemic, brand new Raspberries-influenced rocker from the Mood Elevator. There is, of course, a lot of filler in between, but the best moments on this compilation are bound to make listeners seek out the actual albums, and the previously unissued material is necessary for fans.

PO Volume 4 Track Listing

Disc 1

1. Folk Singer-Brendan Benson

2. Electrocute!-The Fletcher Pratt

3. Heroes & Villians-Al Jardine Family & Friends

4. What A Groovy Day (2001)-Anthony & Tony Rivers

5. Doesn’t Matter What I Do-The Nines

6. This Time Right Now-The Masticators

7. Hi Tech Lowlife-The Davenports

8. Coming Out Alive-Cliff Hillis

9. Lost You-Swirl 360

10. Faster-Receiver

11. I Must Be Dreaming-Semion

12. Hearts Won’t Lie-Barry Holdship

13. Eleanor Rigby-Phil Angotti & The Idea

14. Time To Leave-Jeremy

15. Stain-The Dons

16. Mundane Dream-Marykate O’Neil

17. The Same Thing-Buzzie

18. 15 Minutes To Tiptonville-John McMullan

19. Boycott-The Mood Elevator

20. Alwayshavetoholdyou-Bat Country

21. All Signs Point To Yes-Cosmo Topper

22. Something Happened-The Now People

Disc 2

1. Well, It’s Only Pain-Beagle

2. Yet To Say-P. Hux

3. Hole In The Sky-The Anderson Council

4. I’d Rather Be-Myracle Brah

5. Rainy Day #3-The Grip Weeds

6. Be The Show-Admiral Twin

7. Jetfighter-Spinning Jennies

8. Do Whatever-The Scooters

9. Fool’s Paradise-Gail George

10. Listening Station-The Andersons

11. She May Be Nice-sparkle*jets UK

12. Mermaid Parade-Einstein’s Sister

13. Poor Man’s Falls-The Asteroid #4

14. Picture The Finger-Chewy Marble

15. Sweet Dreams Baby-Mark Helm

16. Harry Truman-KC Bowman

17. Fading Star-Rocket Transfer Warehouse

18. Maybe Baby-Hutch

19. California Loves You-The Solipsistics

20. Last Time Girl-Scarlet Crush

21. The Center Of The Universe-Blue Cartoon