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ONLY ONE LEFT!!! If you are seeing this, it means you have a chance to snag It

Amazing 3 CD set, 2002 version of the International Pop Overthrow Festival that takes place in various places around the US every year.

Compiled by IPO impresario David Bash, Not Lame is extremely proud to make a very limited amount of this set available for folks unable to attend any of the IPO festivals.

This set was released in July 2002 and features a massively whopping 68 tracks spread out over 3 CD`s, a great many of them unreleased, exclusive or unique to this set! Included on the CD is a track by Jellyfish, NOT on the "Fan Club" box set - a live version of "All I Want Is Everything" recorded live 2/21/91 at Bogarts, Long Beach, CA! (note: there is another version of the song that does appear on the box set, though) The list of bands on the 3 CD includes (get ready): Jellyfish, The Shazam (new song from album due in Fall, 2002), Ed James, Cloud Eleven, Copperpot, The Waking Hours, Lisa Mychols(ex-Masticators), The Lackloves, Fools Face, KC Bowman, Receiver, Badger, Tony & Anthony Rivers, Jeremy, Chewy Marble, The Dons, Maple Mars, Rick Altizer, Sparklejets UK, The General Store, Epicycle, Blue Cartoon, The Churchills, Starbelly, Kelly`s Heels, Herb Eimerman, Spinning Jennies, Phil Angotti & The Idea, The Kennedys, Paula Kelley, The Andersons, Tommy & The Lords Of Misrule, John McMullen, Colony, Paul Melancon, Marykate O`Neil, Helium Angel, The Vauge, Wendie Colter & The Innocents, Mr. Encrypto, Mark Watson Band, Barry Holship, Cherry Blossom Clinic, The Tearaways, Trip Adagio, Wonderdrug, Trolley, 3rd Degree, Phamous Phaces and the enigmatic The Popdudes. As well as Tiny Volcano, The Fizzies, AM Radio, Tony Low, Adam Power, The PIllbugs, Jet City, The Wombats, Binge, Pinkslip, Terry Carolan, Glowfriends, The Now People, The Mailibooz, Shplang, Luke Jackson and last but most definitely not least, Kevin Tihista`s Red Terror, whose "Judo" album is utterly a sublime stunner!