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NOTE:This will be one of my last CD projects. After 18 amazing years working with David Bash, this IPO Volume will be my last officially associated with the highly influential and impactful International Pop Overthrow Festival. The future is bright for IPO and the important works of David Bash reach thousands of music fans and exposing them to some of the best power pop in the world. Click HERE to say informed about all the activities with IPO.

3 CDs of some of the most inviting and energizing power pop from the past year featured on the latest VERY SPECIAL, 20th ANNIVERSARY edition of INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW!

How many songs are on the latest volume of IPO? 66 songs

It's about YOU and YOUR discovery of new music and artists that bring more joy to life and open the doors to wanting to hear more!

That is why the story and long-lasting history of 19 year of power pop impresario David Bash's INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW matter each August when the latest 3-CD set is unveiled and starts shipping all around the world. "Volume 19" is 2016's latest excursion into what's new, what's good and what's going on ahn in power pop and melodic rock.

It's an experience that always yields the discovery of new bands that have emerged in the last year, re-connecting with old favorites that have finished new projects and chance encounters of the surprising kind. As usual there is a large mix of previously unreleased songs, rare songs and upcoming releases mixed in with previously available trax.



1. The Top Boost-What If She Loves You?

2. Sunshine Bloom-Have Wings, Will Travel

3. Leisure McCorkle-Transmission

4. Michael Roberts-When You Shine

5. Lannie Flowers-Kiss A Memory

6. The Blood Rush Hour-No More Excuses

7. Slyboots-I Don’t Know You Now

8. Diamond Hands-Just Another Day

9. The Harriets-The Hangers On

10. Huxley Rittman & The Rusty Hitmen-Stay With Me

11. Jonathan Segel-No Backup Plan

12. Lunchbox-Everybody Knows

13. Blake Jones & The Trike Shop-My Soft Rock Girlfriend

14. Reaction-Let It Ride

15. The Penultimate-Electric City

16. Synners of Truth-Shake Mahone

17. The Morning Line-All Mine

18. The Newds-Freebasing Your Love

19. The Neighbourhood Strange-I’ve Got It All

20. Danny Echo-Atmosfear

21. The Shamus Twins-You’ll Never Take My Heart

22. Greg Ieronimo-Ride On


1. The Stanleys-Say You Will

2. Jimmy Haber-Chelsea

3. Pop Co-Op-It Ain’t Easy Being a Boy

4. Steve Rosenbaum-Kiss My Wife

5. Corin Ashley-Little Crumbles

6. New Mystery Girl-Crawl Through Your Hair

7. Cosmo Topper-The Green Tea Party

8. Nine Violets-I Will Let You Down

9. Plasticsoul-Therapy

10. The Tearaways-That’s Rock!

11. The RAZ Band-What Love Can Do

12. Old Rage-Wrong Way

13. The Vinylos-I Know A Girl

14. Scott Perry-Say I Do

15. Sue Hedges-Two Nearly Touching Hearts

16. The Slang-Breakthrough

17. The Arcadeans-Miles & Miles

18. The Bishop's Daredevil Stunt Club-Have You Met You

19. Jengi-Rod Stewart

20. Shplang-Sir Finkle

21. The Jeremy Band-Blow My Mind

22. Daniel Trigger-Hold Back The Night


1. Crickle-Penelope Please

2. The Belmondos-Have You Got Someone

3. Caper Clowns-Pockets

4. The Virtues-One Eyed Car

5. Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes-Fly Like A Bird

6. Suite 100-Highwire Solution

7. Coke Belda-You’re Not In Love

8. The Starfire Band-Treat Me Bad

9. Steve Ramone-Down Falls The Rain

10. The JetBeats-Top of the Line

11. Cartoon Spirits-Common Law

12. John McMullan-Smile At Me

13. Brent Daniel-Zen Time

14. The Viewers-Who’ll Be The One

15. Metropolitan Farms-Curbside Recycling

16. Stootsie-Mirror on the Wall

17. Kalina & Kiana-It Had To Be You

18. Across The Board-Broken In Time

19. Micah Gilbert-Get To You

20. The Spindles-Prisoner Of War

21. Rob Schulz-Decline of America

22. John Macom-Think About You