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3 CDs of some of the most inviting and energizing power pop from the past year featured on the latest installment of INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW!

How many songs are on the latest volume of IPO? 65 songs

Who are some of the bands that are appearing this year? The Tearaways, Greg Ieronimo, the Afternoons, the Junior League, Ron Dante(yes, THAT 'Ron Dante'!), the Forresters, Joel Sarakula, Ashbury Keys and many more(full track listing below).

It's about YOU and YOUR discovery of new music and artists that bring more joy to life and open the doors to wanting to hear more!

That is why the story and long-lasting history of 19 year of power pop impresario David Bash's INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW matter each August when the latest 3-CD set is unveiled and starts shipping all around the world. "Volume 19" is 2016's latest excursion into what's new, what's good and what's going on ahn in power pop and melodic rock.

It's an experience that always yields the discovery of new bands that have emerged in the last year, re-connecting with old favorites that have finished new projects and chance encounters of the surprising kind. As usual there is a large mix of previously unreleased songs, rare songs and upcoming releases mixed in with previously available trax.



Disc 1

1. The Viewers-When You Call My Name

2. Yoav Arbel-Doesn’t Matter What

3. The Tearaways-BASH

4. The Expected-I Want More

5. Cartoon Spirits-Remake The Stalls

6. Steve Ramone-Sunny Day

7. Ron Dante-Skills

8. Akward Talker-Bedroom Light

9. John McMullan-Almost Gone

10. Suite 100-Sling

11. Metropolitan Farms-One More Kiss Goodbye

12. The Starfire Band-Shake It Out

13. Nina and theBuffalo Riders-Madness

14. Hailee Rose with Dave Rave-So Invisible

15. Richie Parsons-Love Letter

16. The Corridors-Delicate Condition

17. Gordon Weiss-My Love Still Grows

18. The Satisfied Minds-Hummingbird Today

19. Laurie Biagini-Busy Body

20. Jose Estragos-Vive En Un Magic Bus

21. The Lunar Laugh-Nighthawks & Mona Lisa

22. Ashbury Keys-Do You Know Who You Are

Disc 2

1. Joel Sarakula-Northern Soul

2. Zach Jones-Everything’s Fine

3. Colorworks-Joyla Red

4. Wizard Farm-Enigma

5. Escapade-Stepping Stones

6. Greg Ieronimo-Best Day Of Our Life

7. The Black Lemons-You’re Never Gonna Have Enough Money

8. The Afternoons-Black Hearted Poster Boy

9. The Hard Way-All In This Together

10. The Junior League-Please (I Need You To)

11. Hummingbird Syndicate-Waterfall Away

12. The Armoires-Alesandra 619

13. mylittlebrother-Obvious

14. Armchair Oracles-Long Time

15. Deborah Henriksson-Calling

16. The Arcadeans-Shadows In The Dark

17. Blame The Bishop-Hipster

18. Micah Gilbert-Skies Of Tangerine

19. TRIP WIRE-Winter Song

20. Blake Jones & the Trike Shop-My Girl (She Brings Me)

21. Magic Bus-Seven Wonders

Disc 3

1. NEW MAN-Maybe I’m Feeling Fine

2. Jordan Andrew Jefferson-White Light

3. Steve Rosenbaum-Take It Slow

4. Jimmy Haber-Jane, Stare At The Sun

5. Swedish Polarbears-Winter

6. Dave Birk-Linda’s A Maybe

7. Spygenius-Eucalyptus & Cigarettes

8. Ships Have Sailed-Summertime

9. The Forresters-On My Way

10. Salvadore Dali Llama-Crossing Over

11. The Forty Nineteens-I’m Free

12. Butch Young- Mohammed On Top Of The Mountain

13. Mark Britton-Family Guy

14. Thorcraft Cobra-No One Believes Her

15. Serie B-Black Is A Colour

16. Celestial-Medicate Me

17. 2 Days & Counting-When I’m Gone

18. The Pickpockets-The Prime Meridian

19. The Dives-On The Spot

20. Sue Hedges-The Corner Of My Eye

21. marston-These Blues

22. The Jeremy Band-Angels In The Air