V/A - INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW - Volume 17 (2014, 3 CD set)

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An amazing accomplishment, the IPO festival has taken place in cities all over the world and, as it approaches its 17th year anniversary in Los Angeles in late July, "Volume 17" in the 3 CD set compilation series is proud to announce the latest release in this ongoing series.

Every year, in early August, it's become set in stone. It's time to ship the latest in the ongoing, long-going series of "International Pop Overthrow"!

It's an experience that always yields the discovery of new bands that have emerged in the last year, re-connecting with old favorites that have finished new projects and chance encounters of the surprising kind. "Volume 17" might one of the most comprehensive gathering of new power pop-oriented bands in all the volumes so far because there are so many new bands to discover that have only just recently come onto the scene.

And, now, they are gathered on this 3 CD set.



Disc 1

1.The Bobbleheads-Turn The Radio On (The PERfect Song)

2. Greg Ieronimo-Roller Coaster Ride

3. The Tearaways-We Don’t Talk We Text

4. Kylie Hughes- Calipopicana

5. The Maureens-Brother

6. Secret Friend-Starting Today

7. Spinning Jennies-I Before E

8. The Marvelous Beauhunks-Top Of The World

9. The Jeremy Band-Hit You With A Flower

10. Blake Jones & The Trike Shop-The Girl In The Camera Obscura

11. Roto’s Magic Act-Happier Than Ever

12. The Fast Camels-Cobbler Clarence

13. MonaLisa Twins-I Don't Know Birds That Well

14. The Static Dial-Desert Song

15. Chris Smith-No One Has To Know

16. Bob’s Yer Uncle-Breathless

17. TRIP WIRE-Stay

18. Collectors-Find A Way (Yen Remix)

19. Stootsie-I Saw That Storm Coming

20. Bradley Wait-Again

21. The Brigands (Boston)-She’s Mine

22. Northern Sugar-Ride

Disc 2

1. Sitcom Neighbor-Anything

2. Alex Jules-The Key

3. Private Jets-Human Cannonball

4. Bubble Gum Orchestra-Evil, Evil Girl

5. Monogroove-What More Can I Do

6. John McMullan-You Are Dreaming

7. The Sharp Things-Flesh And Bone

8. The Mayflowers-Flying Birds

9. Sonny Lee & The Layovers-Set ‘Em Up

10. Russ Tolman Band-Los Angeles

11. Chris Degnore and The Black Drops-Speed Of Light

12. Popdudes featuring Michael Carpenter-Catherine

13. The Trash*Pop Icons-Coming Up

14. Tommy Lorente-Mirabelle

15. Dana Countryman-Jealous Heart

16. Dan Markell-Carried Away

17. The Reflections-Haunted House

18. The Tripping Souls-Place That I Love

19. Grover-8 O'Clock Horses

20. Gooey-That I Were

21. Slim Loris-Head on the Floor

22. Sonya Titus-Come Into The Light

Disc 3

1. Peter Fedofsky-Here Comes The Sun

2. B-Side-The Sun Brings Out The Girls

3. Phil Ajjarapu-Sing Along Until You Feel Better

4. American Suitcase-Think Of It

5. phonograph-She Knows it

6. Lisa Mychols 3-Ready For Action

7. Dave Birk-Speed Queen Mystery Date

8. Match Factory-Have You Ever

9. Dot 22-Skip A Beat (Everything's Alright)

10. The Newds-Go Getter

11. The Shamus Twins-What Is It You Want From Me

12. The Tor Guides-Dynamo

13. Beyond Veronica-Crazy Girl

14. The Aaron Williams Band-Ash

15. Richard DuBois-Where Does The Time Go?

16. The Starfire Band-Cruel Baby

17. Ashbury Keys-Hey Girl

18. viseMenn-Begging You Please

19. Sue Hedges-Liars ‘n Lovers

20. Shplang-Delacroix

21. We Patriots-Get It Over With

22. Split Sofa 10,000 Light Years From The Sun