V/A - INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW - Volume 14 (2011 edition)

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The IPO CD is always a 3 CD set and this year(2011) features 67 total bands in the mix! It`s Volume 14 in the International Pop Overthrow series - always an event for the power pop fan!

ALL THE PAST VOLUMES are sold out...

David Bash and his amazing labor of pop love travel the world now to bring the message of great music to not only the fans of power pop, but music fans at large; the ones who go `power pop?!?!` These festivals are done in Los Angeles, Liverpool, Boston, New York City, Chicago, Vancouver and Nashville and look out - more coming! Each year, when The International Pop Overthrow Festival comes to LA, David lets us press up a *limited* bunch of the CD to help make available to all the folks who can`t make it to LA. As usual there is a large mix of previously unreleased songs, rare songs and upcoming releases mixed in with previously available trax.

Here is the full track listing:


1. The Turnback-Beyond Belief

2. The Kik-My Eyes Are Still Dry

3. The Dahlmanns-I Love You Baby (But I Hate Your Friends)

4. The Records(featuring John Wicks)- That Girl Is Emily

5. David Myhr-Loveblind

6. Longplayer-Silicone Sue

7. POPFILTER!-Back To Zero

8. Paul Housden & The Futurusts-Textbook

9. All Day Sucker-Santa Ana

10. The Real Numbers-Internet Famous

11. NUSHU-Precious To Me

12. Sonny Lee & The Layovers-What’s It Gonna Be Now

13. The Love Dimension-Question Mark Heart

14. The PondHawks-Weather Girl

15. Blake Jones & The Trike Shop-I Roped the Moon Out of the Sky (unplugged)

16. The Secrets-Living Without You

17. Susan Hedges-Hot Summer Lover

18. Van Go-Invisible Girls

19. Charge Of The Light Brigade-Young Love

20: Brad Wait-Ride

21. A Band Called Mithras-Ruby

22. Plasticsoul-Beth


1. Bastards Of Melody-Dream Jeannine

2. FORTUNE 500-Shake Me

3. Dee Long-I Can’t Help It

4. Secret Powers-Tangerine

5. Jeremy-Love Explosion

6. The Carousels-Call Along The Coast

7. Spygenius-The Girl Who's Everywhere

8. The Dirty Royals-Back For More

9. Lannie Flowers-Give Me A Chance

10. Dave Rave-Your Sparks Fly

11. Clockwise-Sugar Coat It

12. Fireking-Built To Last

13. Fox Pass-Hurry Cherie

14. Popdudes-Coming Up

15. Hector Peñalosa-It’s Gonna Be Allright

16. The American Professionals-Champion

17. Shplang-Oh My Love

18. Waiflike-Sober Now

19. The Treeshakers-Babe, You Did Me Down

20. T.C. Folkpunk- Zero To Hero (In Sixty Seconds)

21. The Shamus Twins-Better Day

22. Peter Buzzelle-A Dog Named Peanut

23. Cosmo Topper-Are We Their Yet


1. The Avenues-Should’ve Been Sarah

2. Skeleton Staff-If You’ll Be My Adam

3. Tim Reid-18 Floors

4. the REUNION-Just Enuff Light

5. Post Adolescence-Don’t Walk Away

6. David Brookings-Dead Battery

7. Laurie Biagini-One Track Mind

8. Blue Cartoon-You Should Have Known Better

9. The Ladykillers-Captains Calling

10. Images-Frustration

11. The Issue-Queen And Country

12. The Mayflowers-Oh No The Net

13. Ivan Mudd-Human Being


15. Buddy Love-Almost In Tears

16. The Trend-Southsiders (Wanting To Go Northside)

17. Go Time!-Sudden Death

18. Danny Echo-Down To The Letter

19. Broken Alphas-Star

20. The Pounders-The Latest Fashion

21. The Starfire Band-Till Then

22. The Wags - Rhubarb Rupert