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VOLUME 12. 3 CDs, 70 bands, 70 songs. 12 years of International Pop Overthrow, 12 years of countless hundreds of bands playing in venues all over the world, celebrating the mastery of a powerful hook, the ineluctable joy of a heavenly vocal arrangement and a biting, melodic guitar line that just won`t quit.

Massively Wonderful Value of 3 CDs, 70 bands.. Each year gets better, too. Why? The quality of pop bands has really taken a creative leap in the last few years. Not quite the renewal we say back in the mid/late 90s, especially in Europe but it`s getting there. As in years past, it`s 3 CDs in our totally unique packaging with 70 different bands inside this CD of pop luv!

Take a chance at discovering a lot of great talent on the indie power pop and rock scene, always a lot of fun. Listen to below and hear what you think! If you don`t want to take a chance on 70 bands for $18 and discover who may work for your tastes, I understand. Well, kinda - sorta. My passion is the discovery of THE NEW. It`s why Not Lame has been around since 1995 trolling the world looking for only the very best bands out there. If ya pass, you are missing out. There are 70 bands and some may recognize but IPO is all about the `the discovery of the new`. Finding that next, new favorite band. A *lot* of the band songs appearing here are unreleased - never to come out formally, some are previews of upcoming releases and some are in limbo until the artist figures out what the next move is going to be. That is what makes these compilations so much fun.

To back that up, I have done a whole lot of soundbites below for you to sample as out right proof that confident statement. If you do not agree, honestly, your time may be best suited on other places on the internet --- and TIME is our most invaluable resource and the last thing I want to do is rob you of any of it on your life.

SOME BACKGROUND ON I.P.O.: As occurs now all year long, David Bash and his amazing labor of pop love travel the world bringing the message of great pop music to not only the fans of power pop, but to tons of folks who have no idea what on earth it is. These festivals are done in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, Liverpool, Seattle-Vancouver and other East Coast locales, too. Each year, when IPO Los Angeles occurs, he compiles 3 CDs of some of the finest on the indie pop scene. David lets us press up a limited supply to make available to those who can not attend the festival(a little less than 500 copies, so don`t wait! Truly, these are limited, all previous volumes except Volume 9 and 10 are out of print. A few copies of Volume 8 are left.) and once they are gone,they are gone forever (if you attend, they are given away `free` by IPO). As usual there`s a large mix of previously released songs, but lots are unreleased or rare trax.



1. The Syrups-Miss I Don`t Understand You

2. The Humbugs-One More Day

3. Happiless-Butterman

4. The Help Desk-The Jellyfish Song

5. The Lovedays-When The Lights Went Out

6. Jes Hudak-No One In The World

7. Luke Jackson-Come Tomorrow

8. Bigfellas-California King

9. The Galaxies-Baby I Believe

10. Vancouver Nights-Autumn Witch

11. The Smiling Eyes-His Vision Of Her

12. The Janks-You`re Gonna Die

13. The Tearaways-Under The Bus

14. POPFILTER!-Just A Minute

15. The Desperate Club-Private Jet

16. Happy Stars-Portland 3PM

17. Shplang-That Word Is Love

18. The Wags-Another Perfect Day

19. the LANES-Starshine

20. The Velvet Cadillacs-Gotta Lotta Love To Give

21. SuperJune & The Tikiwaves-Cinderella

22. Starfire Band-Thank You

23. Jeff Litman-Anna


1. The Mayflowers-Rubber Sole

2. Michael Carpenter-Can`t Go Back

3. Ralph Covert & The Bad Examples-Pictures Of A Masquerade

4. Lisa Mychols- Hearts Beat In Stereo

5. The Leftovers-Telephone Operator

6. Fat City Reprise-The Last Waltz

7. Riley Smith-Ronnie

8. Goodfellows-Behind Your Smile

9. Blackout 101-Too Cool

10. 1.4.5.-Can`t Stop Movin`

11. Clockwise-Boomtown

12. Go Four 3-Just Another Day

13. Sitcom Neighbor-Accidental Suicide

14. The Peppermint Apes-No One Like Me

15. Steven Deal-Valentine

16. The Shamus Twins-See About Me

17. the james clark institute-Sleeping In My Favourite Shirt

18. Plasticsoul-Fishwife

19. The Dirty Royals-You And I Can Take On The World

20. The Strawberry Jams-Blue

21. The Shake Ups-Forget The Future

22. David Sinclair Trio-Going To Do Something

23. Soundserif-Happy Since I Resigned 24. The Intangibles-I Woke Up In The Future


1. KC Bowman & Andrea Perry-Sorting Out The Rules

2. Philip Vandermost-Again And Again

3. Evan Hillhouse-Save Yourself

4. Laurie Biagini-Another Old Lazy Lyin` On The Beach Afternoon

5. Private Jets-Speak Up, Speak Out (Special Extended Version)

6. Susan Hedges-City Song

7. The PondHawks-Dragonfly

8. Steven Lawrenson-Ordinary

9. Jeremy-Where There`s A Will There`s A Way

10. Meg & Rebel Heart-Rock N Roll Beliefs

11. Paranoid Lovesick-Seeds And Stems

12. Sugar High-My Star

13. The Tangerines-Rock N Roll Girl

14. Phamous Phaces-Broken Again

15. Steve Sizemore Group-Beautiful Dust

16. The Romeo Flynns-Gonna Feel Alright

17. Witches In Bikinis-Party Like A Chimpanzee

18. Blake Jones & The Trike Shop-Astronauts In Trouble

19. meyerman-Judy`s Out Of Fashion 20. Buddy Love-Master Of Illusion

21. The Mayberrys-Automatic

22. The Secrets-I Confess

23. Peter & the Penguins-The Walk