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Insane Value of 3 CDs, 66 bands. Musically, this is one of the best of the 10 volumes, too. As in years past, it`s 3 CDs in our totally unique packaging with 66 different bands inside this CD of pop luv!

Take a chance at discovering a lot of great talent on the indie power pop and rock scene, always a lot of fun. Musically, of the 10 IPO`s CDs, this one ranks right at the very top to these ears - which, of course, are biased but we`ll get some soundbites up here to show you some proof here in just a bit!

As occurs now all year long, David Bash and his amazing labor of pop love travel the world bringing the message of great pop music to not only the fans of power pop, but to tons of folks who have no idea what on earth it is. These festivals are done in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, Liverpool, Seattle-Vancouver and other East Coast locales, too. Each year, when IPO Los Angeles occurs, he compiles 3 CDs of some of the finest on the indie pop scene. David lets us press up a limited supply to make available to those who can not attend the festival(a little less than 500 copies, so don`t wait! Truly, these are limited, all previous volumes except Volume 8 and 9 are out of print.) and once they are gone,they are gone forever (if you attend, they are given away `free` by IPO). As usual there`s a large mix of previously released songs, but lots are unreleased or rare trax. Here is the full track listing below.


1. The Orchid Highway-Medicine Tree

2. Farrah-Do You Ever Think Of Me

3. Evan Hillhouse-Can`t Stop Saying Yes

4. Carolyn Edwards-Monica

5. Strange Fruits-Little Bird

6. BrownLine Fiasco-Milk & Honey

7. Nagel-You`re Not My Father

8. Zerostars-The Good Can`t Escape

9. the LANES-Scarlet Chapeau

10. Avi Vinocur-New York

11. Beatnik Turtle-What We Need Is Some Interns In Here

12. Nushu-Spill

13. Admiral Twin-Renegade Planet

14. Velvet-This Is For You

15. The Lava Province-Back Here Again

16. The Freddie Steady 5-Just Down The Road

17. Susan Hedges & The Other Kind-Buy A Town

18. Cyclones-Friends Like Me?

19. The Hard Left-Who`s She Gonna Turn To

20. The Beltways-Ellen I Was Only

21. Phamous Phaces-A Different Side Of You

22. Stuporhero-5 O`Clock Mad Dash


1. Kelly and Kimberley-moc.emalton

2. The Afternoons-Neidia Mewn i`r Dŵr

3. The Dirty Royals-Cover Up The Sun

4. Fig-The Good Together Brings

5. All Day Sucker-Picture

6. Leave-Any Other Way

7. The Irises-Sushi Bar

8. The Mystery Tramps-You`re So Alone

9. Blackout-Fake Superiority

10. The Issue-Sayin` Things

11. Morten Richter-Pop-up Window

12. The Vinyltones- Don`t Spend It All Tonight

13. The Pulltops-Destination

14. ScribbleMonster-Chocolate Milk

15. Preoccupied Pipers-Full Band Woo Dog Punctuation

16. Keith Betti-Nowhere To Be Now

17. Stacy Kray-Someday

18. The Naomi Star-Moneyman

19. David Levin-Criminal

20. The Ringles-I Am

21. Rich Recker (of Pleasure Trip)-She

22. Nelson Bragg-Turn The Darkness Into Gold


1. Carnation-The Band Is Always Right

2. Io Perry-Everyday

3. The Shamus Twins-Garden Of Weeds

4. Blake Collins-Time Goes By

5. The Rulers-World I Left Behind

6. Brad Wait (of Pleasure Trip)-Anime Girl

7. Jenny Wolfe & The Pack-You Look Good Walking Away

8. Chris Brown-Right On Time

9. Dave Stephens-Just Enough

10. Butch Young-One Foot In

11. The Tearaways-Just Like Rain

12. Jeremy-Come On Over

13. Kelly`s Heels-O-Jayne

14. Twenty Cent Crush-I Can Barely Stand It

15. The Pleasure-Nine Apple Silver Balls

16. Suite 100-Baggage Claim

17. The Well Wishers-Seashells

18. Beyond Veronica-You May Be The One

19. The Trend-Mama Thought You Were A Nice Girl (Live)

20. Roxy Monoxide-Deaf Dog

21. Blake Jones & The Trike Shop-Out & Free & Far Away

22. The Vandalays-Fairy Tale