V/A - INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW - Vol. 16 (2013, 3-CD set)

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3 CDs - 68 bands



An amazing accomplishment, the IPO festival has taken place in cities all over the world and, as it approaches its 16th year anniversary in Los Angeles in late July, "Volume 16" in the 3 CD set compilation series is proud to announce a brand new track from one of the biggest legends in power pop, SHOES as the lead off track of this 68 song, 3 CD gathering of hooks 'n melodies.

Every year, on August 1st, it's become set in stone. It's time to ship the latest in the ongoing, long-going series of "International Pop Overthrow"!

It's an experience that always yields the discovery of new bands that have emerged in the last year, re-connecting with old favorites that have finished new projects and chance encounters of the surprising kind. "Volume 16" might one of the most comprehensive gathering of new power pop-oriented bands in all the volumes so far because there are so many new bands to discover that have only just recently come onto the scene.

And, now, they are gathered on this 3 CD set.

ALL COPIES OF EARLIER I.P.O. COMPILATIONS ARE SOLD OUT - except for limited copies of "Volume 13" and "Volume 14" available on this site.

Track Listing:

Disc 1:

1. Mothboxer-Shame It Always Rains
2. David Minchin and The Innocents-Please Don’t Go
3. The Cherry Bluestorms-As Above So Below
4. Kontiki Suite-See You In The Morning
5. The Maladaptive Solution-Abacus (Count On You)
6. Irene Peña-One More Night
7. honeychain-Lucky One
8. Cronin Tierney Band-Harmony
9. Jerry Juden-Can’t Help It Baby
10. The Travellers-74 Times
11. Hawk Björn-Who Do You Say I Am?
12. Mark Mikel-A Tree Named Beverly
13. The Popdogs-High Time
14. Lannie Flowers-Best I Can
15. Stephen Bunovsky-Violette
16. Dave Rave (with Rick Andrew)-Rockin To The Middl
17. The Rousers-Here She Comes
18. TypeWriter-That Deepest Blue
19. Gerry O’Keefe-Knickknacks and Picture Frames
20. Richard DuBois-A Lot Like Love
21. Susan Hedges-Changing Lanes
22. Shplang-Pickles Are Fun
23. Jeremy-Not Of This World

Disc 2 :

1. Tudor Lodge-There You Go
2. Mustache Fable-Two Truths One Lie
3. Ben Jones and The Rifle Volunteers-Rule Of Thumb
4. French Boutik-Le Clope
5. The Lisa Mychols Three-Bruce Foxton
6. Liar’s Club-Gonna Get Yours Yet
7. Norrish Reaction-Let It Go
8. Adam Daniel-Your Gravity
9. The Blood Rush Hour-The Way Back Home
10. The JAC-Record Store
11. The Cool Whips-Boom-Shang-a-Lang
12. The Bottle Kids-Yes You Can
13. Didn’t Planet-Maryann(e)
14. The Valley Downs-The Last Days Of Summer
15. Warm Morning Brothers-Little Rose
16. Valentine’s Revenge-You Won’t Let Me Forget
17. Ashbury Keys-Hero
18. Logan Squares-Fading Away
19. Metropolitan Farms-Stars All Fall
20. The Baghdaddios-No Big Deal
21. The Newds-Evermore
22. John Cee Stannard-Doob Doo Be Doo Wah

Disc 3:

1. Swim Atlantic-Seam To Seam
2. Laurie Biagini-On With The Show
3. Jared Lekites-Too Far Gone
4. Stormy Strong-Jumpstart The Heart
5. Vinyl Floor-What Lies Ahead
6. Agony Aunts-Family Drugs
7. The Starfire Band-Believe In Yourself
8. Dan Markell-Look At The Girl
9. The Temponauts-Movin’ On
10. John McMullan-Mrs. Reginald
11. Crazy Mary-Lonesome As A Train
12. Kool Stuff Katie-Lover Girl
13. Gooey-Watch Out
14. Stephen Lawrenson-Your Karma
15. Too Much Saturn-Photogenic
16. The Romeros-Milwaukee Gurls
17. Peter Buzzelle-Somerville Hospital
18. Blake Jones & The Trike Shop-Ross Used To Play Us His Frank Zappa Records
19. Salvadore Dali Llama-City In The Sky
20. Bedford Davis-Fairy Tale Ending
21. Sarah Petrella-Summer
22. Maria Evangelou-Goodbye
23. Private Jets-Destination Unknown