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The 2012 version of the INTERNTAIONAL POP OVERTHROW Festival and CD - ONLY AROUND 50 COPIES ARE LEFT....

The 2012 version of of the IPO CD, "Volume 15", is yet another 3 CD set. "Volume 15" features a track from one of the biggest legends in power pop, SHOES as the lead off track of this 67 song, 3 CD gathering of hooks 'n melodies.

With a new studio album released in 2012, Shoes were the perfect band to usher in IPO's importance on the indie power pop scene in the summer of 2012. As pioneers in DIY aesthetics and recording since the early 70s, Shoes are a most welcome return.

Bsides the Shoes, there are 66 other bands on strewn out over the 3 CDs on "Volume 15". Some of favorites include Private Jets, The Foreign Films, The Afternoons, Marvin Etzioni, NUSHU, Throwback Suburba, The Cry!, Jeremy, Vegas In Rudolf, Spygenius, The Mayflowers, Benjamin r and many, many others.

ALL COPIES OF EARLIER I.P.O. COMPILATIONS ARE SOLD OUT - except for limited copies of "Volume 13" and "Volume 14" available on this site.

Here is a full track listing:


1. Shoes-Head vs. Heart

2. Marvin Etzioni-The Grapes Of Wrath

3. Fireking-So You Say You Lost Your Baby

4. nrwy-There's Only So Much A Man Can Take

5. Lisa Mychols-Taken

6. Private Jets-Speed Of Sound

7. The Reflections-Girl From Out Of Town

8. The Jooles-Crush On A Girl

9. The Condors-Queer Fascination

10. The Issue-Square Pegs

11. The Seasongs-New Love

12. Clockwise-Brokenhearted Again

13. The Pounders-Valerie

14. Go Time!-Give It A Chance

15. The Secrets-Yesterday

16. Ramune-Impossible to be With

17. The Shake Ups-Hollowed Out

18. Dan Markell-Every Other Guy

19. John McMullan-That's What Dick Dawson Said

20. The Dirty Royals-Hey Katrina

21. Shplang-Ice Cream

22. 302-The Great Unknown

23. The Foreign Films-Sweet Sorrow


1. King Washington-The Gears

2. The Afternoons-Wait Till You See Her

3. The Sunchymes-Revelations In Her Mind

4. The Housekeeping Society-The Coast is Clear

5. Laurie Biagini-Two Of A Kind

6. Spygenius-K Is Mentally Ill

7. TRUE HEARTS-If I'm Late

8. The Shirts-Tina Of The Talking Heads

9. NUSHU-My Best Friend’s Girl

10. Vegas With Randolph-Nikki's Plan/Broadway

11. Norman Kelsey-On The Rebound

12. Plasticsoul-Thats When It All Goes Down

13. Surf School Dropouts-Beach Bound

14. Blake Jones & The Trike Shop-(Dale Said) Things Grow in Fresno

15. Robin Stanley-Make Up Your Mind

16. Art Kenyon-Cocoon

17. Sue Hedges-Song for Last Year's Lover

18. The Starfire Band-Home

19. The Brigands-Supersonic

20. Liar’s Club-There You Go Again

21. Accidental Heroes-What’s It Gonna Take?

22. Salvadore Dali Llama-No One To Blame


1. The Tor Guides-Summer’s Green

2. Sweet Diss and The Comebacks-Never Stop Wooing You

3. Throwback Suburbia-Get Her Off My Mind

4. The CRY!-Modern Cinderella

5. The Mayflowers-Cat's Boro Blues!

6. The Beat Rats-Only 16

7. The PondHawks-Drive

8. The Pengwins-Naïve

9. The Shamus Twins-It Tore Me Up

10. Dave Rave-You’re My Sensation

11. Lily Sparks-Stars

12. The Airwaves-Miracle

13. The Pozers-My Maze

14. Benjamin r-All I Can (There's No More)

15. Ashbury Keys-Wake Up

16. Jeremy-Something About You

17. Math & Science-They Don't Come Back

18. David Dattner & Troy Warkentin-Skating on the Thin Ice

19. A Band Called Mithras-I Know What I Know

20. Capitán Sunrise-El Chico Más Guapo De La Galaxia

21. Ryan & Faris-Bring Back the Rain

22. Ed Tulipa-Barbie