V/A - HOOK HEAVEN - Volume 2

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NOT BOOKLET IS INCLUDED. At manufacture, they forgot it. Still sealed but just without the main booklet. Volume 2 Track Selection:

1. Luzer: Come On Mandy
2. The Animators: Die In LA
3. Jesse Sprinkle: Unnoticed
4. The Red Button: Hopes Up
5. The Skecthes: Fly Baby, Right Now
6. Fighting Brothers McCarthy: This Machine Alone
7. Invisible Mind Circus: On The Outside
8. Chris Brown: Ordinary Day
9. The Slowtime Mondays: Destination: Home
10. The Queue: Evil Twin
11. David Brookings: Whatever Happens Here Stays Here
12. Kelly’s Heels: moc.emalton
13. Dean Drouillard: Today
14. Sketch Middle: My Satisfaction
15. The Bon Mots: Ghetto Falsetto
16. The Green Fields: Let’s Find Our Way
17. Mike Elgert: Retire
18. Young Sportsmen: Under The Rocks And Stars
19. Fred: Good Night
20. Craig Marshall: Stop And Go
21. Geoff Gibbons: Sentimental Maniac
22. Star Collector: The Evil Room