V/A - Collection of 12 CD-Rs of rare, never on CD power pop from 70s/early 80s

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Back in November, I found some sets of these 12 CD-R collections that came from a series(called, unimaginatively, "Grab Bag") that I did years ago for a short time. I can't go through and list everything on these but I took a few shots of 4 them, which you can click on each image to the right to get an idea.

Rest assured they contain off-the-beaten track, rare, obscure power pop from the 70s and early 80s only. More than likely, tunes you've never heard before from artists you've never heard or even heard of (and would never hear of). If you are even a semi-serious fans of power pop from this era, this is a treasure trove.

Either way, you should be blown away at what you'll discover that you never knew even existed!