V/A - BUNDLE - Various "Lost in the Haze" - 16 CD-r Compilations

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This a bit of history from "The Not Lame Years". 16 CD-rs in this Bundle. Incredible fun. This will take care of your listening pleasure for January and February on the power pop front(along w/ the other "Three Day

If you were around during the Not Lame years, you might remember that I made these comps to add into Not Lame orders as a gift and incentive to order. There must have been close to 50 of these done throughout the 00s. Many different themes always, a bunch of different series themes, too. The most popular was called "Lost in the Haze" and there must have been around 25 volumes of those.

I keep finding more and more of these in old boxes that have not been touched in 10 years, in some cases more.

(This is nothing terribly fancy - these come in slip-cover cases w/ basic print out of track info, a straightfoward cover - pretty bare bones. CLICK ON the two examples are displayed to the right here.)

Each usually contains about 10-12 tracks. They contain rare, off-the-beaten-path power pop and new wave from the mid/late 70s, sometimes something from the early 70s.

You can get the idea with some of the titles on this bundle of 15 CD-rs(plus, one bonus that I just found).

"70s Power Pop Hell"

"Those Were Good Times: 1978-1981"

"Living in the Past"

New Wave Hell: Double Digit Inflation"

"Pub Power Pop"


"Calling All Girls...With Skinny Leather Ties"

"Lost in the Haze"

YOU get the idea, right?

Cruise through the holidays with a trip to the lost, forgotten past. We had a phrase for this where I grew up in Boston in the 70s(and they still say this to this day...): WICKED PISSA COOL. :-)