V/A - BUNDLE OF POP - 2 CDs (BASIC Package w/ 1-bonus CD-R)

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Another cool 'n unique value with this "Basic" package' but I DO strongly recommend you compare 'n contrast and check out the "Gold" version - click HERE, it's in another universe crazy. We're talking quantum expansion.


1. "Best of 2015" - CD

"Best of 2016" CD

3. "The Treasure Chest of Awesome - Volume 1" - CD-R

When You order here the two "Best Of" CDs, you will receive a bonus CD-R filled with lost, rare and unknown power pop from the 70s.

What is on this bonus disc? There are, quite literally, countless thousands of amazing tunes that have never been heard by 98.5% of power pop fans.

Inspired by the "Lost in the Haze" compilations that Not Lame Recordings used to stuff into orders back in the last decade but featuring rare and rarely heard obscure and lost power pop from the last 30 years. This is "Volume 1" of 5 volumes. It has 16 trax. ("Volume 2-5" are available with the "Gold" package below along with everything else you see below)

So that's 3 CDs of some of the best power pop in the last two years - AND some choice lost, rare and unknown trax that you probably have never heard or heard of for $24.97.

Come on, that's cool(but I really do think you should take a look at the "GOLD" option - It's truly one of the absolute best values you've ever encountered in 'power pop'. - click HERE to check it out)

OH YEAH! If you would like to see the tracks on the two "Best Of" CDs, here you go!