V/A - Buffalo SPringfield - Five Way Street (tribute) STILL SEALED

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I released this on Not Lame back in 2006 and it went out of print fast...and it's been rare since. Recently, that status is: SUPER RARE, evidently.

Get this...on Discogs, it's going for....ready? $6000. It's hard to find, yes...but.


(that's a record for a Not Lame release, by the way)

On Amazon, it's a bit more measured. ;-P $283 in this condition.


Prospect away. Make some money. I support you. :-)

Each month, each year - more and more. I sure wish I kept some of these! Every now and then I find one or two and did a few days ago.


Great review from Amazon's link above:

First, everything that could be said about The Buffalo Springfield has been said. A great live band so the legend goes who never captured that magic on vinyl. A band sabotaged by its youthful exuberance, ego, and ambition, not to mention bad management and terrible production. Listen to Again or Last Time Around, and what you hear is three different bands, all great, true, but in the end, truly schizophrenic. And by the end, as we now know, it really was three bands: Richie and latecomer Jim Messina; Stephen Stills, Captain Many Hands as he was soon dubbed by Crosby and Nash, playing everything himself so that he didn't even need the other guys; and Neil not even bothering to sing one of his best songs, "On The Way Home." The music itself for years was a footnote to the story of the band that should have been big; a footnote to the later, greater successes of the songwriters themselves. The band had the one hit, of course, but that was pretty much it. Indeed, if it weren't for what came after--Poco, CSNY, Loggins and Messina, and all of Neil's subsequent career--the band would arguably be deserving of its footnote status, as good as it was.
But this is an argument that does not take into account the music. And this tribute CD from 2006 featuring a whole slew of groups I had never heard of, unhip as that may be to admit, makes clear how good, how timeless, how exciting and listenable the Buffalo Springfield's songs were. These are not straight covers for the most part, but reimaginings by a whole bunch of indie/pop/D.I.Y. groups and performers like The Grip Weeds, George Usher, Rich Hopkins and the Lumanarios, Walter Clevenger and the Dairy Kings. The songs rock, they crunch: they sound as contemporary as anything you'd hear on a good college station. But these are songs written nearly a half century ago, and they absolutely 100 percent hold up. The Springfield, we're told, wanted to be as big as The Beatles (who didn't?) and even as young as they were then, they knew that the way to get that big was to write songs that had catchy riffs and big hooks, songs that stuck with your head, pop songs that would jump off the turntable or out of the radio. And these songs played by musicians many of whom probably weren't even alive when the original records came out, capture that sheer pop magic. They treat these 45 year old songs like the pop treasures they are, and in doing so, have made a little slice of pop magic themselves. If you know the originals, this record will make you go back to them (and if you do know them, that probably means you have the Buffalo Springfield Box Set and will want to listen to it again); if you don't know the originals, you should go check out the originals. In the genre of tribute records, this is a great one.


Buffalo Springfield finally get their just due with their first tribute album. "Five Way Street" features 21 artists from all over the world giving it up for five guys named Richie, Bruce, David, Stephen and Neil. This tribute features extensive liner notes from noted rock scribe John Einarson, author of two outstanding books for fans of mid/late 60s rock, "Mr. Tambourine Man: The Story of the Byrds & Gene Clark" and "Desperados: The Roots Of Country Rock".

This project has been in the works for almost two years and its fruit is falling from the tree into fans' hearts and ears. Artists appearing include Maplewood, The Kennedys, Noctorum (featuring Marty Wilson-Piper), Western Electric (featuring Sid Griffin), Last Train Home, Diesel Park West, Jeff Larson, The Gripweeds, Byrds Of A Feather, Walter Clevenger, and many more. Buffalo Springfield was together for less than two years and released 3 albums, but their influence in that time bears sweet, long-lasting fruit today with countless bands being influenced by their unique brand of Southern California-styled psychedelic folk-rock.

"Five Way Street" pays homage to their legacy and far reach into the influence of modern-day rock `n roll.