V/A - 12 CD-R COLLECTION: The Unexplored: 70s Singer/Songwriters (12 volumes)

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Not sure where I picked this up but sometime around 2004. It's a 12 volume CD-R collection of wicked, obscure and mostly unknown 70s singer/songwriter artists, it appears to have a strong British orientation from what I can tell. A caveat with this: because, at least back in 2004, most of these songs were never on CD, so the fidelity on these comps are not up to 2017 audio standards and many are ripped from vinyl. I'd say that 70% of the artists that appear on these volumes, I've never heard of. It's deep into the obscure and unknown in that regard.

I've tried to take take a few shots of some of the track listings for you(to give you idea of the depth), so whoever picks this up, has an idea what's here.Just click on the images and they will increase so you can view better.

Outside of U.S. folks, sorry, the weight is the actual cost to ship with the $22 charge connected to 12 CD-rs.