V/A - POP POWER FROM THE GARAGE - Australian Power Pop 1974-86

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22 songs, "Geez…I thought I knew what the hell I was talking about as far as 80’s Aussie power pop, hey I’ve got Dom Mariani solo records (Stems, too) but that is why these kind of comps are so great. They show those of us that think we know everything that we indeed, do not (ok, so I’m, reminded of that on a daily basis). Anywho, this 22-track collection is most excellent! Mid-tempo , hooky pop tunes and these are more distortion-less pop like something The Raspberries (gods in that scene) would have created (or The Toms) but the songwriting is excellent and I can put this one at any given time and continue doing what I’m doing and do it well (vacuuming, washing dishes, etc.). Chalice opens things up with the terrific “In My World” while The Skates mid-tempo classic “School Girl” is one of my favorites on here and Beathaven’s “Do You Remember the Time” is nearly as good (heavy Paul McCartney influence on these guys). Elsewhere Beaut offers the chunky “Goodbye Judy” while The Clones pleading “Tired of Hiding” is among the best on here. You want more? How about The Brewskis, The Orphans, The Boys, Young Homebuyers (see, not all of the bands have The in their name) and the excellent Turnaround (a Turnaround full-length came in the package with this here comp and will be reviewed on this page real soon) and too much more. There’s a few clunkers (I did not like Chris Pelcer’s too-wimpy “Can’t Find Reverse” and a few others) but most of this is strong. For folks looking for the fuzzier/ more distorted kind of power pop (which I love too) then this might not be your bag, but yeah, if skinny-tie wearers like The Speedies or The Toms have spent any time in your cd player then you’ll be more than ok with this." - Daggerzine