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Great 25 track compilation from Popboomerang label, featuring the Lolas, Kelly's Heels, The Finkers(Michael Carpenter) and many other indie power pop bands from the mid 00s. "3 1/2 stars. The pop underground is the sound of '70s power pop updated somewhat for the more sonically advanced 2000s. The sound of Australia's Popboomerang label is the sound of pop underground and Planet of the Popboomerang: A Global Pop Compilation gathers up twenty five practitioners from around the world and uses nothing but rare, exclusive and previously unreleased songs. With most compilations like this you usually end up with about 50-percent good tracks, and 50-percent decent tracks, with a couple of gems thrown in if you are lucky. That is about what you will find here. In the good category are Shy Nobleman's decidedly odd "Spring B# (Stevie Winwood)," the Lolas' "Don't Change a Thing," Sweet Honey Pie's original demo version of "She Whistles in the Tube," Florapop's "Come to Me," the Oranges' "All Day All Night" and the Sunbeams' "Game." The rest is serviceable modern guitar pop, with no real stinkers anywhere. As for the gems that might make the disc worth the trouble of seeking it out; they are Go You Huskies' lo-fi and quite beautiful "S.A.W.," the Richies' Teenage Fanclub-esque "Fanclubesque" and the Salt Water Taffy's cute version of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" sung by a girl who makes Ashlee Simpson sound geriatric. Add it up and the collection is worth your time if you are a pop underground fanatic, otherwise it is kind of a toss-up." - AMG