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LONG OUT OF PRINT....for this sale, THREE COPIES have been dug up.

From AMazon: David Bash has been power-pop's caped crusader for near eternity, and Bruce Brodeen of NotLame has been slinging some of the best CD's you've never heard for 15 years! This 3CD set (again, at the time of writing) is a mere $18 and well worth the investment. That said, there ARE about a dozen songs on here that I need not ever hear again. Without naming names, I don't ever want to hear Christian music regardless of how much pop it's covered in, making fun of Pete Best is like making fun of the kids who ride the short bus (uncool), and some of these bands need to have the line that divides what is a borrowed riff/homage/nod and what is a direct rip-off clearly drawn out for them. However, out of 66 tracks...yes, 66...that's a generally unheard-of good-to-bad ratio in a compilation especially since most of these are better than good...they're GRRRRR8!!

I've discovered over a dozen bands that I'll be pursuing further, Plasticsoul nailed one of my most favorite tunes by The Posies, the packaging design is out-of-the-park, and I can't hardly wait until IPO hits my town again!

There are bands on this set that rival The Foo Fighters, Fountains of Wayne, Green Day, and all of the past participants involved in American Idol (the deadliest cancer to the music industry). As an addition to my most prized possessions, this set will be in my collection forever!

IPO Volume 11 Track Listing

Disc 1

1. Daisy-Go!

2. Ken Kase Group-Shiner

3. The Backroom-Lost Without You

4. Private Jets-Extraordinary Sensations

5. Roger Joseph Manning Jr.-American Affluenza

6. Mini-Hoping For An Astronaut

7. Laurie Biagini-That Feeling Inside

8. The Transpersonals-Coming Through You

9. UHF-Disconnect

10. Maryz Eyez-Unpaid Holiday

11. Leave-Hope It Doesn’t Come My Way

12. The Shamus Twins-Did You Have To Change

13. Leerone-To Fill The Void

14. Jeremy-Everyone Makes Mistakes

15. Buddy Love-My Little Red Book

16. The Doom Buggies-Gravity

17. The Smith Bros.-She’s Under My Skin

18. 302-Man Of The Year

19. Stephanie Erdel-Sunset & Grove

20. Plasticsoul-Throwaway

21. My Brother Woody-Getting Old Goes With Getting Fat

22. Blake Collins-It’s Summer Time

Disc 2

1. Twenty Cent Crush-Summer (You Know My Name)

2. Peter & the Penguins-There Goes Pete Best

3. Wiretree-Big Coat

4. The Ravines-Dark Clouds

5. The Dirty Royals-Josephine

6. We Should Be Dead-Forget Romance, Let’s Dance!

7. The Respectables-Charged By The Minute

8. Butch Young-Dime Store Jesus

9. The Irises-Lo Fi Girl

10. Peter Baldrachi-You’re Gonna Miss Me Someday

11. Preoccupied Pipers-Little Jimmy The Giant

12. Susan Hedges-Trouble With Trouble

13. Michael Ubaldini-Scandal

14. The Ringles-If God Were The Sun

15. Kai Reiner-Cold Summer

16. Philip Vandermost-Since Mountains Have Risen

17. Preston and Fletcher-Don’t Know What You’ve Got

18. Phamous Phaces-Back To Liverpool

19. The Vandalays-On We Go

20. The Romeros-Thru 2 You

21. Vilot-O.Y.U.

22. Steve Caraway-Gone, Gone, Gone

Disc 3

1. The Tomorrows-Effortless Lee

2. Aaron David Gleason-Progress

3. The Afternoons-Don’t Turn Back (Open Your Eyes)

4. Garfield’s Birthday-Molly’s Eyes

5. Service Group-I’m In Love

6. Kelly Fairchild-Don’t Stop

7. All Right Tokyo-Jessica, Jessica

8. Blackout 101-Let’s Not Get Ahead Of Ourselves

9. The Generous Days-Smile

10. Chris Brown-Ordinary Day

11. Suite 100-Perfect Disaster

12. The Vickers-Silence

13. Blake Jones & The Trike Shop-Sun Up

14. Bird Mancini-Holly

15. John McMullan-Adolf Green (Kiss My Apathy)

16. Fireking-A Sentimental Education

17. The Issue-All Or Nothing

18. Pleasure Trip-Without You

19. Kevin McGowan-Be Here Tonight

20. The Hotwalls-Embodied

21. Nine Times Blue-Reasons Why

22. Teenage Frames-Need Somewhere To Stick It