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2006 CD, promo. From the Elektra: " We have truly dug down into the nooks and crannies to assemble these tracks; some of 'em have never been on CD, and all of them have been tough to find since the day they came out on 45. Here's the lineup: two tracks, 'Please Let Me Love You' and 'Don't Be Long' by the pre-Byrds band the Beefeaters that featured Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark and David Crosby; Judy Collins' version of 'I'll Keep It with Mine', a song that Dylan supposedly wrote for Collins and was unreleased at the time, and her non-LP version of Sandy Denny's classic 'Who Knows Where the Time Goes'; the electric folk rock version of 'I Ain't Marching Anymore' by Phil Ochs; 'Come On In', a rare Paul Butterfield Blues Band single from 1966 and more.

1. Please Let Me Love You - The Beefeaters
2. Don't Be Long - The Beefeaters
3. I'll Keep It With Mine - Judy Collins
4. Who Knows Where The Time Goes - Judy Collins
5. I Ain't Marching Anymore - Phil Ochs
6. Come On In - Paul Butterfield
7. La Route A Chicago - David Ackles
8. Mark Time - Eclection
9. What Is Quicksand? - Stalk-Forrest Group
10. Arthur Comics - Stalk-Forrest Group