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Eventually became VALLEY LODGE ...Original Not Lame Review:

2001 release that was big Not Lame seller five years ago and a box of them just found. Featuring Valley Lodge Dave Hill, too(and Cobra Verde, as well)...Valley Lodge being one of the finest pop albums to come out in 2005. KILLER release, beginning to end, folks! Featuring ex-Cobra Verde members, Uptown Sinclar will kick pop and rock`s ass--stunningly awesome. Just go tune to those soundbites now, okay? "The latest, greatest hope for rock `n roll`s eternal salvation...I`m just another loser, another helpless rock `n roll dreamer who lives for the sort of clear blue high that these Uptown Sinclair cats have set upon me."- Fufkin.com. "the greatest rock `n roll currently roaming the earth"-Bangsheet.com. Chock full to overflowing with hooky choruses, crunchy and sweet guitars and can`t miss melodies, this is modern pop masterpiece and damn are we sorry our Not Lame Recordings label did not find them first! Shame on us....shame on you if you let this pass by. Extremely Highly Recommended.

"Cleveland rockers Uptown Sinclair capture the chills, thrills, peaks, and valleys of their explosive live show on this enjoyable self-titled debut disc. Guitar-driven, hearty on melody, heavy on harmony, and unabashedly descendent of the Hollies, Small Faces, Big Star, Brian Wilson, and Cheap Trick, cuts such as "Girlfriend," "Superman," and "Sentimental" are achingly familiar to anyone who came of age with ears pressed to a transistor radio in the 1970s or cheerfully endured the hair metal-meets-bubblegum revival of the late `80s. Lead voice Dave Hill is the consummate heartbreak hero. He loves, he lusts, he laments, and he hardly labors over lyrics that will never mount a challenge Bob Dylan, Bob Pollard, or Bob Thomas. But that`s not the point here. With the exception of Lou Reed, who cares that these exuberant post-punk-pop pirates nicked the chords to "Sweet Jane" for "First Thing in The Morning"? It`s only rock & roll. They like it, and you`ll like it too. A guilty pleasure worth pandering to."-AMG.