TSAR - Band/Girls/Moneye

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"A trash-glam masterpiece. 'Band-Girls-Money' is made to be played at the Rainbow Room while...Slash sprawls unconscious across the bar." -- Boulder Weekly

"Led Zeppelin and Cheap Trick meet Rockpile and Mott The Hoople in a fatal four-way! A hellacious slobber knocker!" -- Detroit Metro Times

"Somewhere between The Stooges' 'Raw Power' and the Beatles' 'Revolver,' Tsar is the kind of rock that's ballsy and brainy." -- Las Vegas City Life

"Terrific, over-the-top power pop with glam-punk edges reminiscent of Lords of the New Church, the Modern Lovers and T. Rex." -- River Cities Reader

"Think punk, glam and British Invasion--Cheap Trick, New York Dolls, Sweet and the Beatles." -- Knight-Ridder Newspapers