TRANSATLANTIC - The Whirlwind Special Edition (2 CDs)

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2 CD, Special Edition version.

The Prog supergroup featuring Neal Morse (Spock’s Beard), Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings), Pete Trewavas (Marillion) & Mike Portnoy (Dream Theatre).

"For a band that has unashamedly composed prog epics of unmatched length, they leave no doubt at the start of this 77-minute epic that you're in for an epic of epic proportions.... ;-)

The opening track starts with a small brass ensemble that transitions to an orchestral flourish before settling into what is essentially the overture for this grand work, introducing the listener to many of the musical themes that we'll hear again in various forms throughout the next hour and a quarter.

In typical Transatlantic style, the recurring themes are catchy, sophisticated, and often turned inside-out to form new and interesting mind excursions. Folks, this is great stuff! It's probably one of my favorite progressive rock albums of the year (just behind the fantastic "Realms of Eternity" by Syzygy). To any naysayers out there, all I can say is that you sound like a baseball fan who is disappointed that the star slugger on your favorite team belted the game-winning home run "only" 400 feet when you were expecting a 500-ft homer instead. Get real, folks - this is some primo stuff."- Amazon

After a 6 year silence, Mike Portnoy announced that a new Transatlantic album, with all the original members, was underway. Several months earlier, Neal had been writing a piece entitled 'The Whirlwind', and realised, to his surprise, that it had the facets of a Transatlantic epic. Mike listened and drew the same conclusion. Mike and Neal then proposed a reunion to Pete and Roine. They agreed, and the band converged upon Nashville to write the next bold chronicle in their musical record. The Whirlwind fuses all four artist’s unique creativity, fulfilling six years of potential, and culminating in their best effort to date.