TONIGHT - Drummer Man

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You've never heard of this band but sure should have! This one will surprise and possibly shock at how good it is for a band you've never heard of.

"Think of 'Sound of the Suburbs' and 'My Sharona' and you will have an idea of what to expect on this album. Tonight were the first 'Powerpop' band to emerge from the New Wave. The songs are tight, the chords short and punchy and the vocal delivery is at times clipped - in other words, a sound that is classic for the era. The structure of some of the songs is very much influenced by the Beatles - there are also some highly original ideas on this release. It is fair to say that Tonight were robbed of a career which could have placed them up there with the Boomtown Rats, Squeeze and other great acts of this period. I am pleased for the band that this has finally seen the light of day after thirty plus years. They deserve it!- AMazon UK

UK release. TONIGHT were a UK pop band that got that elusive recording contract in 1977 and single handily created the now much used term “Power Pop”. They had a manager who believed in the band to the extent he had sold his own property to finance the band and was determined to get them a deal with independent Target Records who created TDS Records specifically to market the band and its unique “Power Pop”.

Things rapidly moved up a gear and they secured a BBC’s Top Of The Pops appearance in front of then 14 million plus viewers. They were on top of their game and the single “Drummer Man” reached number 14 in UK Top 20 in January 1978.

The band then set about recording tracks for their debut album and follow up single “Money That’s Your Problem” (Number 66 May 1978) then came the crunch-an internal struggle between management ,record label and distributor followed and it was demanded that the band enjoyed another Top 20 hit single before an album could be released.

The third single failed to chart-the band was in debt so in January 1979 they called it quits The tracks on this album have sat in the archives ever since and now they are remastered and released with the hit single “Drummer Man” being available on CD for the first time ever.