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I had Volume 1 listed here...this is the second one, more rare than the first one.

A true rarity - last time it was for sale on Ebay a few years ago it was $40.

I t was afour song EP for fans who were members of his fan club and only available through mail order and is also what they called back in 1998 an 'enchanced cd'. Rarely comes up for sale anywhere.

Trouser Press wrote this: "Whether by circumstance, design or both, Todd found himself in the late '90s without a recording contract for the first time in his professional life. The launch of his online PatroNet service was an early, groundbreaking attempt to eliminate the middleman and deliver music directly to fans. Subscribers were granted exclusive access to new works, works-in-progress and more. The grand concept fell short in execution, largely because (once again) Rundgren found himself out front and on a limb in terms of technology. After a bumpy start, some mini-CDs were distributed, including TRTV Vol. 1 and TRTV Vol. 2, which were largely superseded by Todd's next "real" album."