THE WIGS - File Under: Pop Vocal

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Long out of print, this is a promo(that has a small cut in upper right corner)

"Wow! As a Power Pop nerd, I am a huge fan of the New Wave/Punkish strains of the late 70's/early 80's skinny tie moment. So finding this Wigs album was like an early birthday present to me! For anyone who likes the high energy, hard rockin', tight, guitar slinging, harmony driven sound of the era (see the Vapors, the Knack, the Romantics), "File Under Pop Vocal" is an essential listen! Highly recommended, get this vintage piece of magic now!"- Fan Review

"if you loved the eighties and that era’s skinny tie power pop sound, The Wigs are a gift from the music gods to you. They traded in melodies that could be extremely sweet, yet delivered with too much muscle to be simply lumped in with other more saccharine power pop outfits of the time. Opening with “I Can See It Now” it has the sharp rhythms and fast drumbeats that fit in with the classic sounds of The Records, The Beat and Pezband. The following “180 degrees” has a great looping melody and a great slow middle eight that brings to mind The Raspberries or The Toms. Next “Susie’s Got A Problem” with it’s Costello-like vocal approach and references to “Elvis, Beatles ,DC-5” it even has guitar breaks that recall Buddy Love. The album is relentless with the style and quality of it’s songwriting. It even takes a Rockabilly detour with “First Time” that would give Brian Setzer a run for his money. The songs continue with a near perfect energy booster in “Tijuana” and then takes a breath with the ballad “Popular Girl” complete with wonderful harmonies in the chorus. Then a rousing cover of “Mony, Mony” that made me forget that Billy what’s-his-name. The tune “It’s Over” gets the Rick Springfield meets The Knack sound down as well. The guitar work on each song is some of the best I’ve heard in a long time, and no filler either. That’s 14 tracks of greatness here, and it makes my top ten list of 2009. The quality of music has been so good recently, I may need to expand the top ten this year, as Roy Scheider mentioned in Jaws, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat. “" Power Popacholic

The LP sells for $75 and up.