THE WELL WISHERS - Dreaming of the West Coast

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the band s most lavish and full-bodied production to date. All twelve of the album s tracks burst with vibrant guitar pop textures, tight arrangements, lush vocal harmonies and of course, the ever important melodic hook. The musical palette is varied - from the jangly, early-REM inspired Escape The Light , to the gliding 70s piano pop of Nothing Ever Changes Around Here , to the glam rock stomp of Tonight ... all propelled by tight, splashy drumming from Shelton s former Spinning Jennies bandmate Nick Laquintano.

"Stylistically, Dreaming of The West Coast isn't a dramatic departure from Post Modern Romantic, but it is varied, with the Well Wishers breaking away from their usual aesthetic to indulge in the arcing, sparking punk free-for-all All I Got, and jack knifes a 180 on the markedly more genteel acoustic ballad Truth Is Coming Home. As for the aforementioned usual aesthetic, there's gobs of Merseybeat flirtations, and Shelton's familiar Ricken-pop jangle and strum. Suggested destinations? Escape the Light is the Posies gone paisley (minus the dayglo aftertaste) and Here Comes Love is linear yet luminous. --Wilfully Obscure