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Still sealed and VERY rare! This band has become a cult-ish one the last few years - because the music was quite amazing. Going for over $100 and pretty impossible to find. Not even on Discogs.

Listen to the music there, while yr at it.

Pick this up and sell for a nice ROI. It's on me.

This was the overlooked compilation which is why it's so rare. Containing 21 songs and 75 minutes of music, "Wide Awake" is a truly comprehensive collection of music spanning all three previous albums. Most of the band's best songs are included in their original versions. There are also a handful of remixes, one live recording, one previously unreleased song and an absolutely fantastic accoustic version of "Mary Jane," the first song on their 1989 debut, "You and Your Sister." The album is similar in format to Uncle Tupelo's recent anthology, and I'd stack the Vulgar Boatmen's music up against Farrar, Tweedy and company anyday in terms of quality and uniqueness.