THE SUBURBS - Ladies and Gentlemen: The Suburbs Have Left The Building..

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This music is for those that love the powerful drive and the darkness of the Seattle sound, but love the rhythm of great dance music! Imagine a sound that begins with edgy, rhythmic guitar, the kind of warm bluesy sound that only a Stratocaster, a Mesa Boogie, and a master (Bruce C. Allen) can produce. Now add a solid, creative bass line (Michael Halliday) and the steadiest, cleanest driving beat (Hugo Klaers) in rock and roll. It's the kind of infectious beat that makes even non-dancers want to dance! - this is the real thing, no rhythm machines here! Vocals are like voices from the dark side - sinister, yet smoothe (Beej Chaney and Chan Poling). The lyrics are sometimes grim, at other times puzzling, but always amusing. The finishing touches are done with remarkably creative and beautiful piano interludes (Chan Poling), something that one would not expect to hear with music that has this kind of punch. The Suburbs' music is tight, high energy fun performed by a five man band - all musicians - no electronic gizmo wizards. This disc spans their career from the late 1970's through the late 1980's. If you didn't know that, you might think after listening they were a new band. Their music is timeless. "Music for Boys" is a great example of their powerful, dark, rhythmic sound. "Cig in Backwards" is trademark Suburbs rhythm, smoothe guitar work and enchanting vocals - another dance masterpiece. "Tape Your Wife to the Ceiling" is a fast paced punk sound. "Spring Came" is where the band shows their versatility and their love for life with a fast, almost calypso beat. "Girlfriend" is one of only a few slow songs the band performs. It starts slow and builds to a powerful, emotional finish. The emotion that comes from Bruce Allen's guitar and Chan Poling's piano just needs to be experienced to be appreciated. If the house is ever burning, the first things I'm grabbing are my Suburbs vinyl albums, the band's live disc, "Viva!", and this disc!