THE SMOKE - My Friend Jack

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2000, 23 track UK comp. Should appeal to fans of The Creation, Pretty Things, John's Children, early Who and Small Faces. Delectable pro-drug Mod kitsch from the Swinging London of the Summer of Love... These Who-derived longhaired lads gained their greatest notoriety from the fact that the BBC banned a reverb-filled 1967 single ("My Friend Jack") on the grounds that it promoted drug use... And did it? Hell, no -- it GLORIFIED drug use... as did most of their songs, which routinely employed the broadest, most gleefully obvious of psychedelic metaphors, recounting the exploits of various legendary acid heads, pot growers and party animals who may or may not have been around at the time. It was heartening, though, to see their thematic obsessions gradually shift from tripping to getting laid, but throughout it all, these lads sounded like they were having lots of fun.