THE SHAZAM - s/t (2001 reissue) (used copy)

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It's starting to become rare - hitting $50 now new but these two copies are used.

Rest assured, some day the best band in the world will be viewed as such and be properly assessed - the process has begun.

Nice review there, too: "Forget the pathetic editorial review of this record (featuring more typos than a third grade book report), and everything you've heard about The Shazam. Start all over with them with their first album. Before they became the glorious rock band that they are today, they were one of the world's greatest powerpop bands smashing out some of the best, most upbeat two-minute-thirty-second songs ever written. With melodies that are instant classics and the wittiest lyrics this side of 1972, you'll find the Cheap Trick-ish guitars and Keith Moon-styled drums irresistable. Get producer Brad Jones to stir in a healthy dose of The Move and you have the closest thing to a powerpop masterpiece that was released in 1997. The 2001 reissue added a handful of '97-era bonus tracks, including what should have been a hit single in the UK, "Everything" and the crowd favorite "I hate that song". Buy it now, enjoy it forever, and jump on the nearest mattress to your heart's content."