THE SHAZAM - HEre's To All THe Misfits (6 song EP)

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THE biggest rarity of the band. ONLY 250 COPIES OF THESE WERE PRESSED.

Not letting this one go for a song(sic), sorry. It is just not available ANYWHERE because anyone who loves the band and has one would,f rankly, NEVER let it go. (I Have1 other copy for myself, I'll never let go, for the record...)

This is still sealed, too!

This cd was only offered as a pre-sell option when "Meteor"(2009) was released. The Songs(all of which were unreleased when this came out):

  • 1 Cool City 3:25
  • 2 Okay 3:47
  • 3 Gonna Miss Yer Train (Demo) 3:12
  • 4 I Can See for Miles 4:23
  • 5 Where Do We Go? (Live) 4:19
  • 6 I Can Hear the Grass Grow (Live) 3:19
  • 7 Please Please Me (Live) 2:46