THE REIVERS- Translate Slowly

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VERY rare classic indie power pop album from the 80s. Now going for $40 and up on Amazon, sadly. But here for less than it cost originally - nice!

"4 1/2 stars. This, The Reivers first full-length album, was a great amalgamation of rock and folk with a little bit of an "alternative" edge. It attracted a fair amount of attention in the music press, and received primarily good reviews. As with much of their future work, the lyrics were somewhat impressionistic, as opposed to straight stories. Unlike their subsequent releases, the drumming here was very frenzied- helping to create a unique band sound. With vocals shared by John Croslin and Kim Longacre, the songs run the gamut from all out rockers like "Araby" and "Sound and the Fury" to acoustic folk like the spirited "Freight Train Rain"." - AMG

"The Reivers were part of a little known, folk/modern-rock vanguard dubbed the “New Sincerity,” which you can read more about here. Other so-called “sincerity” outfits like The True Believers, Wild Seeds, Doctor’s Mob, and the slyly named Texas Instruments, were also part of this central-Texan mini-movement that had a firm presence in Austin, but little elsewhere.

With loads of jangly, echoing guitar leads, and vintage college-rock aplomb, the co-ed Reivers recalled some personal favorites such as Dreams So Real, Translator, and perhaps more vaguely, The Replacements." - Wilfully Obscure.