THE RAVES - Past Perfect Tense

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Can't find this anywhere on CD. This was a gem that crossed the Not Lame desk around 2000, as I recall. Not Lame oodles of these, for good reason, too!. Here's what wrote back then: "Yeah! Out of nowhere comes this group from Atlanta that NO ONE knows about.....but will and should. The CD compiles work the band has done the past seven years and will be very appealing to all fans of Shoes, Spongetones, Rubinoos, Pezband, The Toms, Flashcubes, Van Duren and Dwight Twilley. If you have picked up the recent CD comp from The Explosives, this is very much in that vein, too. In other words, classic late 70s styled power pop!!! Some of these songs just hark back to this time it`s utterly uncanny.....and wonderful. They do this sound better than any band out there question. Effortless and exceedingly consistent material on all the 16 trax!! "Without wishing to offend, the term "obscure band" applies to The Raves. The Raves were totally unknown out of the Atlanta area (even inside "pop circles" in the know) until the early `90s. Indeed a compilation CD "Past Perfect Tense" was released in 1992 thanks to fan Dave Takis, exhibiting an amazing collection of 16 pop ditties from various `80s sessions with hints of Badfinger, Raspberries and sixties pop" "4 stars.. Past Perfect Tense harks back to the power-pop sound of the late 1970s; recalling the Nerves on "Make Up Your Mind" and summoning the Rubinoos on the buoyant "Calling Your Name," the Raves break no new ground, but as students of the genre, they`ve done their homework well. "-AMG. Fans of mid/late 70`s skinny tie power pop, this is a huge, cool find, don`t miss!