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Stupid band name, really good music band!

"Thank God someone from Sydney nascent late `70's punk scene was listening to 60's London, Liverpool, Manchester rather than (as well as?) Detroit and New York! With this collection, Steve Lucas and his Pubert Brown Fridge Occurrence cohorts redress the balance and remind the world that it wasn't just Britain's Nuggets garage obscurities or America's art rock or shock rock outsiders that were impacting on the impressionable minds of the world's youth and Australia's in particular. The Beat groups that burst out in the wake of the Beatles were making gems just as amazing, just as adventurous, often just as hilarious as anything that came out of the punk scene 15 years ago. Here on one disc is the impact of those groups, in all their manifestations, from pure pop to vaudeville, art house to fun house, all delivered with tender loving care but with tongue set firmly in cheek, just the way it should. This record fairly sweats Fab, pop to smile away the day, or perhaps a slightly inebriated evening or three." - Michael Smith, Drum Media