THE POSIES - Success

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The surprise here is that nearly every song here was written between 1991 and 1995 - some predating even Frosting on the Beater. That doesn't mean these songs are inferior by any means - they just never found their way onto albums. In fact, when DGC was trying to sell them as a "grunge" band they overlooked out-and-out pop masterpieces like Somehow Everything, Beautiful One, Farewell Typewriter and Every Bitter Drop. DGC's loss is Popllama's gain. Each of their previous albums had been rather 'extremely' produced in one way or another (reverb drenched, entirely distorted, etc.) as though DGC were desperately trying to sell the Posies to a certain market demographic. For Success -tellingly, on an indepenent label- the Posies finally distilled their sound. Brilliantly. Success contains many of the Posies best songs, idiosyncratic as they can be sometimes, and would make an ideal introduction to a misunderstood, often overlooked band.