THE POP PROJECT - Stars of Stage and Screen

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What I wrote back in 2008:

CLASSIC Not Lame styled pure power pop! Yeah. This review says it all from POPDOSE, a great new blog just getting moving( "Oh God, yes. I do not know how I have managed to remain ignorant of this band up until now as this is their fourth album - but it doesn`t matter. All that matters now is that the Pop Project and I have found each other, and we are deeply in love. Stars of Stage and Screen was five years in the making, and its prolonged gestation is reflected in the meticulous craft of the arrangements producer Andy Thompson has covered every song with a delicious layer of honey and powdered sugar to complement the band`s love for ringing guitars, touches of brass, new wave-y keyboards, and (of course) the requisite stacks of glorious, glorious vocal harmonies. Though some tracks, like "Coerce," carry a heavy early 80s vibe, Stars of Stage and Screen manages to run the power pop gamut in its dozen tracks, from the snarky "Secondary Players" to the heart-on-sleeve laments of "Never Got the Breaks" and "Someone Who Would Understand." All of it is 100% awesome and speaking of awesome, my favorite song right now is this album`s "Totally Awesome"

I could go on for paragraphs, but you get the point. If you have ever purchased an album from Not Lame, if you have ever owned one of the Yellow Pills compilations, if names like Gladhands and Tommy Keene mean something to you -- then you need to have The Pop Project`s Stars of Stage and Screen. Break out your wallet and get ready to sing along.".

"As might be surmised from their moniker, the Pop Project is, indeed, poppy (in the classic `60s sense of the term) and we`re talking the best kind of pop here. Upbeat, incredibly and infectiously melodic, and full of guitar hooks, the group`s songs are unabashedly fun but they never fall into the trap of triteness or oversimplification either. In fact, there isn`t a bum track here, which is impressive given that the band consists of three different songwriters who each put their individual spins on things. The combination of cleverly written and (dare we say it?) relatable lyrics paired with upbeat hooks is what makes this album work. It might make you smile wistfully into your beer, but you`ll never weep into it." - MetroTimes. "Early last week I received a copy of The Pop Project`s long awaited third album, Stars of Stage And Screen (Suburban Sprawl). That was roughly five days ago, and since then it has not left my side for the dreaded fear that I may never hear such masterful pop come form Detroit ever again. I have taken it with me everywhere. I have been a long time fan of pop masters Squeeze (Tilbrook and Difford are my Lennon and McCarty). With this knowledge in hand, it is safe to say that Curd, Lawson, Yates and Adams may have put together a batch of songs that are on par with Squeeze`s 1981 masterpiece, East Side Story. As with any great pop record, the harmonies on Stars of Stage And Screen are explosive with all three of the core singer/songwriters (Curd, Lawson & Yates) offering up delightfully different vocal styles that keep each song sounding fresh while not destroying the album`s overall continuity. This is apparent in the track ordering, which rotates every third track or so between singers."-MotorCityRocks. "Showcasing the talents of three songwriters, the album consists of 12 catchy, complex, poppy-ass jams produced by Andy Thompson. If you`re into the likes of Electric Light Orchestra, Supertramp, XTC, Queen, and even Weezer, then buy this now, here. Trust me, it`s worth it."-EmotionalDrummingBlog. EXTREMELY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!