THE MINDERS - Cul De Sacs & Dead Ends

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"this collection is a great pop record through-and-through. "Build" kicks it off perfectly with an affected British accent. Most everything on here is fast, short, and eminently hummable. "Almost Arms" is more gentle and bouncy, "Paper Plane" sends me running to my guitar everytime I hear it, and "Now I Can Smile" picks it up when you didn't think things could get any more lively. Yes, this is teeming with 60's influecnes, but it isn't quite as backward looking as the Apples in stereo "Strawberry Fire" or The Essex Green...there's a little more of a turn-of-the-century friskiness to The Minders. "Cul-De-Sacs" is an extremely catchy, energetic collection of songs, and you'll hardly notice the difference between this and a more "proper" album. Pop lovers unite, and rejoice! Here is your salvation." - Amazon

"4 stars. The Minders' Martyn Leaper writes arguably the most concise and infectious pop tunes of anyone in the Elephant 6 stable -- in fact, his most obvious counterpart is not a fellow E6-er but Guided by Voices' Robert Pollard, with whom Leaper shares not only a penchant for hit-and-run songcraft, British Invasion-inspired melodies, and homespun production values, but also a level of prolificacy that allows new Minders tracks to sprout up like weeds. Although Cul-de-Sacs & Dead Ends assembles the group's early singles and compilation appearances, it hangs together like a full-fledged studio album thanks to the sheer consistency of the material and its thoughtful pacing -- highlights including "Build," "Chatty Patty," and "Now I Can Smile" boast such ingenious hooks and sweet harmonies you'd swear that they're lost classics at least a generation old, yet they possess more than enough wit and spark to avoid the pitfalls of nostalgia." - AMG