THE MARVELOUS 3 - Math and Other Problems

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EARLY Butch Walker, when he was pure power pop and before the massive success and a bit of stardom, too! Because of that, it fetches $20.

"4 stars. Marvelous 3 reinvents pop that's pure with the release of Math and Other Problems. The album features 12 slices of freshness that are never too tart or too sweet, but always come right to you courtesy of these three talented musicians from Atlanta, Georgia. Highlights include "Cars Collide," "Valium" (which is not about being in a drug-induced stupor) and "Make Up." Math and Other Problems is a great indicator of what the band was soon to become with their major-label debut, and it's easy to see that talent like this couldn't be kept down for long. Hook-laden to the max, you'll find oodles of enjoyment within the grooves"- AMG