THE JTG IMPLOSION – All the People Some of the Time

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Well, Not Lame released over 130 CDs so there's a lot overlooked gems in a catalog that large and the JTG IMPLOSION is one of them!

"4 stars. You would be forgiven for thinking that All the People Some of the Time was some kind of cheesy heavy metal guitar virtuoso record. The Photoshop cover and the shot of Joseph T. Giddings with his long, flowing hair and Eddie Van Halen-esque loud shirt might lead you to that conclusion -- but you would be very wrong. If you are a fan of melodic power pop, you will be happily surprised to find that All the People Some of the Time is a fine example of exactly that. Giddings can indeed play guitar like the dudes who hang around in guitar shops making life miserable for casual browsers, but he doesn't display his evil talents very often. He is more likely to build layers of crunchy guitars and heavenly background vocal harmonies, then top them off with his sweetly innocent lead vocals. Tracks like "Sunshine" and "Biggest Liar in the World" bounce along like classic Redd Kross or even Enuff Z'nuff, strong pop songs with hard rock guitars that don't trample the melody. "I Could Never B w/U" is another highlight with its Wall of Sound percussion, chiming 12-string guitar, and sun-kissed melody. The JTG Implosion is a small pleasure that is rare in the world of music, a band who defies expectations. They are also more proof that Bo Diddley was indeed right when he said, "You can't judge a book by looking at the cover." All the People Some of the Time is highly recommended to modern power pop fans and devotees."