THE LOLAS - Doctor Apache (rare, Japanese)

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SUPER rare album because the label went under before it came out so it was never distributed. Going for $56 and up on Discogs:

If you're a collector, the inlay of the CD has a slight tear.

The Lolas are a power pop band/on-going recording project, formed in 1998, the brainchild of ex-Shame Idols singer-guitarist-songwriter Tim Boykin.

The idea for the band came about during the recording of the album Ballerina Breakout (Jam 1999), which was intended to be the the third Shame Idols album, but instead became the Lolas debut, as the Shame Idols broke up before the album was finished.
Ballerina Breakout received critical raves, as did the follow up, 2000's Silver Dollar Sunday (Jam). . Destined to be hailed as a classic.

"Yes, boys and girls, the new Lolas disc is out, and Tim Boykin & Co. are back with another instant classic power pop album. When I saw the disc appear on CD Baby recently, I clicked on "add to cart" without even listening to the samples, so confident I am in this band to deliver the goods, and they didn't let me down.

Things start off with near-perfect jangle and harmonies of "Eye Eye". I should be comparing other bands to the Lolas than vice-versa, but this track might be the best Teenage Fanclub track they'll never record. "The Laurie Song" sounds like it could have come right off Revolver; "Me and Barbara Stanwyck" hails from Tories/Jellyfish territory (and I love its Disco Tex & The Sex-O-Lettes name drop); "Staying Inside" is 2:46 of textbook power pop; "The Selfish Song" effectively adds some new wave synths to the mix, and while "Nobodeh" may serve as the obligatory ballad, it's a damn good one. The disc closes as it begins, with the title track another perfect jangler, although a bit slower and contemplative in the Dylan/McGuinn mode."- Absolute Power POp