THE LAUGHING DOGS - The Long Lost Night

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This is THAT Laughing Dogs, the CBGB's band from the mid/late 70s who released two excellent pub rocking power pop(their first album is really quite great). This is a unique CD in that it 'came out' in 2000, around the time and allowed indie bands to sell their CDs for a short period. I'm guessing less than 100 of this particular CD exist. (note: the cover of this CD is different than the pictured one as it was on this small pressing done in 2000).

Anyway, this has 15 trax recorded as demos for a third album that never happened. The Long Lost Night was recorded in New York City at the Pink Crayon Studio. The Dogs' optimism shines throughout, from the spiritual insights of "The Long Lost Night" and "Children After Me" to the silly humor of "Coo Coo Papa" and "Stomach Man". Guest musicians include Adam Roth, Joe Biedwell, Paul Vercasi, and Eddy Dixon.

". . . You've got to love these guys. . . . Dynamic musical arrangements, fabulous harmonies, and great songs seem to be the Dogs' forte, and they use all three very wisely." - Stephen SPAZ Schnee, All Music Guide

"THE LAUGHING DOGS . . . Their sound is made of fresh, exciting tunes and great vocal harmonies with a touch of humor that assures a good time for all." - MONDAY MORNING POWER PLAY

"Take Revolver-era Beatles, Steely Dan, and the Rascals, put 'em in a blender---and do NOT skimp on the garlic and onions. Sharp, smart songwriting and at least three killer vocalists." - Mike Fornatale